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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


PWD Mission Statement

To provide master planning; facilities planning and project development; engineering; project/program management; maintenance and service contract assistance; and geospatial information services that enhance combat readiness and QOL for the Marines.

PWD Vision

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is a well planned and engineered, operations, training, and community centric base; all this is achieved through a Public Works Department that is:

  • Operational and community customer focused
  • Embraces Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) concepts and principles
  • Leverages innovative contracting methods and technology to enhance services

Public Works Division A/E Organization Chart:
Public Works Organizational Chart

Project Team Leaders

PWD Architects or Engineers are appointed as the Camp Pendleton lead for approved projects.

Each Project Team Leader has a technical support staff of many disciplines including: architects, landscape architects, interiors, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers; these individuals are Project Leaders.

Project Leaders

The Project Leaders interface with end-users to ensure the user's requirements are included in the planning, design process and construction.

PWD technical staff responsible to plan and design the project, typically using a contracted architect/engineer or other specialized consultants.

  • Develop project documents for approval.
  • Manage the design contracting and review process.
  • Provide field engineering support.
  • Have “Cradle to Grave” ownership of the project for continuity.
Coordinate with contracting and construction organizations, including NAVFAC Southwest Division, Facilities Maintenance and the NAVFAC Field Office (NFO).

Useful Documents

Camp Pendleton Requirements (CPR)  Nov 2012

Base Exterior Architecture Plan (BEAP) July 2010