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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

IPAC Customer Service - (760)725-0894/2890/0881

MISSION: To provide effective and efficient personnel administrative service and support relating to routine personnel administrative changes for members of the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishments aboard MCB Camp Pendleton, whether deployed or in garrison.

The Customer Service Center is located in building 14127. Hours of operation are 0730 – 0100, Monday – Thursday; 0730 – 1700 on Fridays; and 1600 to 0100 on Sundays. The IPAC Customer Service Center also has a duty clerk posted 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
The Customer Service Center is made up of the Area Remote Centers. The Customer Service Section handles pay, dependents, and Wounded Warrior Battalion. The Command Support Section handles legal, service record maintenance and promotions. The TAD and Deployment Section handles all TAD and deployment issues.

AREA REMOTE CENTER PROCESSES: The Area Remote’s provide the same basic customer service functions as the Customer Service Center. However, the primary purpose is to prevent customers from having to travel greater distances for service than they were required to prior to the Division’s IPAC integration. Since the Area Remote’s are located at the location of the previous RPAC, walk-in customers do not have to travel any further for service than they did prior to the establishment of the IPAC.  

14 AREA REMOTE: (760) 725-0720
14 Area Remote is located in building 1441 at Mainside.

21 AREA REMOTE: (760) 725-9128
21 Area Remote is located in building 210721 at Camp Del Mar.

33 AREA REMOTE: (760) 763-1664
33 Area Remote is located in building 33347 and 763-5876 at Camp Margarita.

43 AREA REMOTE: (760) 763-5586
43 Area Remote is located in building 43325 at Camp Las Pulgas.

53 AREA REMOTE: (760) 763-2306
53 Area Remote is located in building 533622 at Camp Horno.

62 AREA REMOTE: (760) 763-1248
62 Area Remote is located in building 63329 at Camp San Mateo.

Wounded Warrior Remote is located in Building H-49 near the Naval Hospital.

SOI Remote is located in building 520523 at Camp San Mateo.
Additional information for student personnel reporting to the School of infantry can be obtained at