Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton



Provide Reserve Opportunities and Obligations to transitioning Active Component Marines at Transitioning Readiness Seminars.  Also to provide counseling on a one on one basis to further explain the benefits reserve service can provide the Marine and his family.


Q:  What does SMCR stand for?

A: Selected Marine Corps Reserve.  This is your typical one weekend a month 2 week of active training a year unit.

Q:  What does IMA stand for?

A:  Individual Mobilization Augmentee.  This program has billets that help augment active duty units.  The time as a reserve is the same for the year as the SMCR but it is up to the individual unit for when the Marine comes into work.

Q:  What does IRR stand for?

A:  Individual Ready Reserve.  If you have time left on your Military Service Obligation (MSO) this is the unit you will be part of after you have left active duty.

Q: What does "drill" mean?

A: this is the term the reserves use for training on the weekend.

Q:  Do I have to sign a new contract to join a reserve unit.

A: No.  If you are currently on your Military Service Obligation (MSO) you are on contract and are able to affiliate with a reserve unit on that contract.

Q:  Will I deploy if I join a reserve unit?

A:  If you are a member of a reserve unit that receives orders to mobilize you will mobilize with the unit.

Q:  Do I rate medical coverage if I am a reserve.

A:  On the drill weekends the member is covered from the time he leaves his house to the time he arrives back home.

Q:  Are there any Bonus's for affiliating with a reserve unit?

A:  Yes.  Each year bonus MARADMINs are published for Officers and Enlisted.  Current MARAMINS are 607/12, 604/12,579/12,and 572/12

Q:  Can I retrain to a new MOS?

A:  Yes.  If you meet the MOS manual requirements and there is an open billet at the unit you are joining and you are a Sgt/Capt and below you can retrain.  MARADMIN 570/12

Q:  Can I receive bonus composite score points if I join the reserves and I am a Corporal?

A:  yes.  Refer to MARDMIN 579/12

Q:  Can I retire in the reserves?

A:  Yes.  Reserve retirement is based on a point system like active duty is.  You must have 20 satisfactory years to be eligible.

Q:  Can I join the reserves if I am collecting disability from the VA?

A:  Yes.  If you are screened by a medical officer and found fit for full duty you can join a reserve unit.

Q:  Are there service limits for the reserves?

A:  Yes.  Service limits are the same as active duty, except for Sergeants.  A Sergeant can continue to serve until 13 years in the reserves.

Q:  What kind of training do reservists do?

A:  The same kind of training done on active duty.  All annual training requirements are done along with MOS training.

Q:  Can I attend resident PME?

A:  Yes Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, and Gunnery Sergeants can attend their resident PME during their 2 weeks of annual training.

The Reserve Transition and retention office is located in the 22 area at Bldg 2253 on the corner of 5th and D ave

Office 760-763-3426


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