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The Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton Safety Center's mission is to promote the combat readiness of operating forces by providing safety support services. Our goals are to train all Marine Corps Base commands and organizations in occupational safety and health; mishap reduction and Federal Employees' Compensation Act costs through an aggressive safety program, and to exceed the reduction goals set by the Secretary of Defense, and Headquarters Marine Corps Safety Division. Our customers are Base personnel, the operating forces, extended Marine Families, tenant commands, and occasional Reserve components.


USMC Winter Safety Message

1. The winter season is a joyous and festive time of the year, when Marines, Sailors, Civilian Marines, and their families, both at home and abroad, spend time with their families, friends, and loved ones. Each of you earned this privilege through your hard work in defense of our great nation. Take this opportunity to celebrate. Where possible, make time to celebrate the season with your fellow warriors, especially those of us who are deployed around the globe and away from home.

2. This season can also be one of the most deadly periods for our Corps. Mishaps and accidents peak during the winter season and each year, Marines and Sailors are lost due to preventable mishaps. This winter, be aware. Have a plan and stick to it. We need each of you to return to your unit safely and ready to train.

3. If you are traveling, plan ahead. Whether you are close to home or traveling across the country, understand your risks. Do not accept driving fatigued, take breaks, and get enough sleep. Winter conditions can change quickly. Be ready, and if you are delayed by weather or some unforeseen circumstance, do not push it. Call your chain of command and make arrangements to return safely.

4. Many of us will toast friends, family, and our fellow Marines. If you are of age and choose to drink alcohol, have a plan and do it safely. Moderate your intake and have a designated driver or call a Rideshare. There is simply no excuse for drinking and driving.

5. Never forget that Marines and Sailors are the single most important weapon the Marine Corps has. Ask yourself “what is different today?” and allow your answer to guide you toward smart –and safe decisions. Mostly, enjoy this winter season with friends and family, but ensure you come back to your units safe and ready to fight and win.

6. Release authorized by Major General Gregg P. Olson, Staff Director of the Marine Corps.



Our staff and contact information:

 Safety Hotline    763-SAFE (7233)
 Deputy Director    (760) 763-6410
 Ground Safety Manager    (760) 725-5332
 OSH Supervisor    (760) 763-2333
 Traffic Safety Manager    (760) 763-5070
 Motorcycle Training Site Coordinator    (760) 725-2897
 Explosives Safety    (760) 763-4817
 Ergonomics / Radiation    (760) 763-0254
 Lockout-Tagout / Lead / Asbestos    (760) 763-2367
 Fall Protection / Respiratory Protection / Confined Space    (760) 763-2366
 VPP    (760) 763-5328
 Mishap Reporting / ESAMS    (760) 763-5334
 SNCOIC    (760) 763-2364


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