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G4 Logistics
Oversees all garrison logistic operations to include food service, transportation, distribution management, retail supplies, service contracts (such as copiers and chemical toilets), and garrison property in support of the installation, tenant, and training organizations residing aboard MCB CAMPEN.  It also serves as the installation liaison to the DECA Commissary and DLA Disposition Services activities. 

G4 Bldg. 1160:
    AC/S G4 (760) 725-3209
    Deputy, AC/S G4 (760) 725-3209
    Records and Information (760) 725-3209
    Logistics Analyst/HR Liaison (760) 725-9057
    Small Business Office (763) 763-5645

G4 Operations
Responsible for coordinating logistics and supply support requests, mobilization and logistics planning, industrial warehouse management & modernization support, conducting supply and maintenance analysis, providing ground ammunition accounting support, monitoring the small business program, and issuing Commissary Assistance Cards to persons assisting military dependents or retirees.

G4 Operations Bldg. 1160:
Operations: (760) 725-9062/9059
Supply Maintenance Analysis Team (SMAT): (760) 725- 4913
Industrial Warehouse/Modernization Manager (760) 725-3172
Ammunition Officer (760) 763-0645/725-9201
Regional Fuels Officer (760) 763-0087
IT Specialist (760) 725-3173
Commissary Assistance Card (760) 725-3209 
Defense Commissary Agency (DECA)-Bldg. 20850 (760) 430-1701/ (760) 725-7903
Defense Commissary Agency (DECA)-San Onofre (760) 725-7911
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San Onofre store
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services (Bldg. 2231) (760) 763-7632

The Consolidated Material and Service Center (CMSC)
Assists and/or provides tenant command and base activities with garrison supply support and services in four major areas:  a retail supplies store, hazardous materials, base property support (garrison personal property and packaged operational rations); and supply procurement (government purchase card purchases and contracted) and contracted services (chemical toilets, laundry, washer/dryer repairs and lawn care equipment repairs).

Consolidated Material & Service Center (CMSC) Bldg. 22105
    Director   (760) 763-4071
    Deputy Director / Personal Property Manager (760) 725-1854
    G-4 Fiscal (760) 725-0292/3114/3171
    Supply Procurement/Services   (760) 725-3911/4711/4792/4798 or 763-0591
    Base Property Admin   (760) 725-8146/3152/4209
    Base Property Warehouse (760) 725-8143/3822
    Retail Supply Store (Servmart Bldg. 2280) (760) 725-8151/4701/4710 or 763-0592
    Hazmat Consolidation Program (HCP Bldg. 2280) (760) 763-7953

Distribution Management Office (DMO)
Responsible for overseeing and providing distribution management services which include the movement of passengers, SATO Travel services, personal property support, personal effects and freight shipments for DoD personnel/military dependents/tenant organizations residing aboard Camp Pendleton and the local geographical area.

Distribution Management Office (DMO) Bldg. 2263
    Director (760) 725-3092
    Deputy Director (760) 725-1939
    Personal Property (760) 725-8666
    Passenger Travel Services (760) 725-8637
    Personal Effects and Baggage (760) 725-3090
    Inbound/Outbound Freight (Bldg. 2262) (760) 725-4264
    Scales (Bldg. 2255) (760) 725-3179

Base Food Services (BFS)
Responsible for overseeing and providing garrison food service support to patrons authorized to subsist at any of the 12 garrison mess halls and two remote kiosks aboard Camp Pendleton.  Additionally, Base Food Services administers the Food Preparation and Serving Equipment (FPSE) budget, the Operations and Maintenance Marine Corps  (O&MMC) budget, manages cash collection, maintains various subsistence and financial reports, and accounts for mess hall equipment and supplies.

Base Food Services Bldg. 2264
    Director (760) 725-8044
    Deputy Director/Operations Officer (760) 725-3378
    Food Technician (760) 725-3368
   Assistant Contracting Officer Representative (ACOR) (760) 763-5169/ (760) 725-4837
    Food Service Supply Section (760) 725-3383/3113

Southwest Region Fleet Transportation (SWRFT)
Responsible for managing and providing transportation support using Non-Tactical Vehicles & Equipment (NTV), management of NTV assignments, and NTV maintenance services at all Marine Corps Installations and in the Southwestern United States.

Southwest Regional Fleet Transportation (SWRFT) Bldg. 22143T
    Regional Fleet Manager (760)725-4579
    NTV Inventory Manager (760)725-3583
    NTV Training/Licensing (760)725-4728
    WHE/MHE Load Testing (760)725-4728
    NTV Maintenance Customer Service (760)725-1881
    Transportation Coordinator/Dispatch (760)725-3985/4354
    MCB Camp Pendleton Fleet Manager (Bldg. 22151) (760)725-4946
    MCAS Miramar Fleet Manager (Bldg. 6317) (858)-577-6067
    MCAS Yuma Fleet Manager (Bldg. 603) (928)-269-2317
    MCLB Barstow Fleet Manager (Bldg. 590) (760)-577-7112
    MCRD San Diego Fleet Manager (Bldg. 231) (619)-524-4229
    MCAGCC 29 Palms Fleet Manager (Bldg. 1920) (760)-830-6480
    MCMWTC Bridgeport Fleet Manager (Bldg. 1040) (760)-932-1576