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Welcome to the Southern California Combined Federal Campaign, Marine Corps Style!
Thank you for your past support and future endeavors to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Rest assured that the work we do is critical and the actions you will take become a part of the CFC history, a history that is 60 years in the making.

That's right, over the past 60 years have resulted in pledges from hundreds of thousand donors have raised over $8.5 BILLION since 1961, along with countless volunteer hours that serve our communities. This impact is evident to the thousands of approved charities across the country and around the world, especially as we continue to combat this global pandemic.

Are you joining us as a CFC Campaign Manager or Keyworker? Please take the following steps:


All: Visit the Southern California Combined Federal Campaign Website and view Campaign Materials and Resources:


Keyworkers: Inform your CFC Campaign Manager you've finished Step 1.

Campaign Managers: Track CFC Keyworkers who've attended training and report to your Associate Director.


All: Join us for a CFC Q&A The Sessions will be held from 0730 – 0800 every morning Monday through Friday until the end of the Campaign.  So grab a cup of coffee and talk CFC with your Associate Director, Raymond German.


All: Develop a CFC plan in your unit.
Remember, You Can Be The Face of Change!
Be a Change Maker by Participating in the 60th Anniversary of the CFC

If you have questions related to this training, need more information about the CFC, or any general inquires please feel free
to reach out to your Southern California CFC team.

Raymond German, Associate Director,      (213) 205-2277 ext. 803
Craig Smith, Senior Associate Director,               (213) 205-2277 ext. 801
Lonna Bernard, Regional Director,                  (213) 205-2277 ext. 808