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Camp Pendleton's 125,547 acres host a self-sustaining water supply, sewage treatment plants, telephone and electrical systems. With a daytime population of more than 70,000 , Camp Pendleton must maintain its self-sustaining capabilities.

To help maintain the high demand on Pendleton's utilities, there are seven sewage treatment plants, 150 miles of sewer mainlines, 24 wells, 375 miles of water mainlines, 23 reservoirs, 145 miles of gas lines, 335 miles of electrical lines, 215 electric substations and two landfills.

Along with having its own utility distribution systems, Camp Pendleton also maintains 7,300 family housing units and is constructing additional units in conjunction with maintaining 18,000 permanent party billeting spaces. In addition, there are more than 2,600 buildings and structures. The largest structure on Base is the 6,000-foot runway at the Air Station.

With constant training on Camp Pendleton, preserving the environment and compliance with waste reduction is an important consideration. In 1986, a successful recycling program was established. In 2008, the Base recycled 5.3 million pounds of cardboard and 2.2 million pounds of paper, constituting a savings of more than 4,352 cubic yards of landfill space.

Camp Pendleton was the first Marine Corps installation to safely recycle expended brass casings for resale, as required by DoD.

Base Facilities Statistics

Acres of Base Area
- 125,547

Family Housing Units - 7,300

Billeting Spaces - 18,000

Buildings - 2,600

Miles of Roads – 530

Railroad Tracks – 14

Sewage Treatment Plants - 7

Miles of Sewer Lines – 150

Sewage Lift Stations – 71

Water Wells – 33

Miles of Water Lines – 375

Water Reservoirs – 25

Miles of Steam Lines – 6

Miles of Gas Lines – 145

Miles of Electrical Lines – 335

Electrical Substations – 215

Boilers – 487

Landfills - 2

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif. was the site of the Marine Corps' first public private venture. Families began moving into Deluz Housing in October 2001.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton