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The Marksmanship Training Division is responsible for matters pertaining to Wilcox and Horno Ranges and related functions.



Conducts re-qualification firing on all Marine Corps Base Rifle and Pistol Ranges.

Performs limited maintenance (within capability) and upkeep on all known distance ranges.

Schedules facilities for marksmanship training of civilian groups/clubs and law enforcement agencies as approved by the Commanding General, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

Contact Information

Building R103
MTD: (760) 725-3436 / 4035, DSN 365-3436 / 4035
OIC: (760) 725-3436 / 4035, DSN 365-3436 / 4035
SNCOIC: (760) 725-3436 / 4035, DSN 365-3436 / 4035


Building 33957
Range Office/Armory: (760) 725-9792
Range 103: (760) 725-9792
Line SNCOIC: (760) 725-3436, DSN 365-3436


United States Marine Corps
Marksmanship Training Division
Box 555021
Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5021

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