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• FY22 Ground Safety for Marines (GSM) Course, Camp Pendleton, (CID: M10M8SA)

FY23 GSM Schedule


1. USMC E-6 and above, O-1 to O-4, or GS civilian serving in a ground safety billet."     
2. At least 12 months active service remaining after course completion date.     
3. Completion of Risk Management course on MarineNet.     
a. E6-E7, W1-W5, O1-O3 - Risk Management for Small Unit Leaders (SDRMGTSUL0)"    
b. E8-E9, O4 - Risk Management For Senior Leaders (SDRMGTSEN0)"    
c. Civilians - Risk Management for USMC Civilians (SDRMGTCIV0)     

1. Initial nominations (name, rank, unit, contact information) may be submitted by email to the respective Safety Office as listed below. (**SEE CONTACT LIST BELOW**)
2. Submit nomination letter with all enclosures by the documentation deadline by email to respective Safety Office as listed below (**SEE CONTACT LIST BELOW**) Submit all documentation at one time. Partial submissions will not be accepted.
3. Initial nominations without documentation will be waitlisted once the documentation deadline is reached. Waitlisted personnel will be enrolled as space is available in the order documentation is received. Once the class is full, personnel requesting enrollment will be placed on the standby list. Standby personnel with complete documentation may be enrolled on a case-by-case basis.
4. GSM Nomination letter. (required)
5. GSM Statement of Availability (Enclosure (1). (required)
6. Ground Safety Manager or Ground Safety Officer Appointment Letter (Enclosure (2). (required)
7. Risk Management Certificate from MarineNet appropriate to current rank (Enclosure (3). (required) 
8. All enrollments will be confirmed approximately one week before the course start date via email from MCB Camp Pendleton Installation Safety Office.

 A) 1st Marine Logistics Group (MLG) nominations go to MGySgt Winship  and CPO Hill.
 B) 1st Marine Division (MARDIV) nominations go to Mr. Lance Robinson.
 C) 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) nomination go to Mr. Fern Blackburn.
 D) All other Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) nominations go to Mr. Dennis Fahey.
 E) All other nominations go to  

For additional information, please contact

GySgt Strickland @ (760) 763-6410


Mr. Robert Townsend (760) 763-0254

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