MCB Camp Pendleton
MCB Pendleton Seal


Commanding General
Attn: CPLO
Marine Corps Base
Box 555010
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5010

Director CP&LO
(760) 725-6445

School Liaison Office

Ms. Rose Solomon
School Liaison Officer
(760) 763-7385


Ms Maria Swanson
School Liaison Officer
(760) 763-7386

The Community Plans & Liaison Office (CP&LO) serves as the Base Commanding General's direct representative with local communities, public elected officials, other government agencies and major landowners surrounding the Base.  The CP&LO staff also serves as the primary point of contact for any off-Base entities seeking a long-term use of Camp Pendleton land. This office serves in an oversight capacity to monitor encroachment issues that could potentially affect the Camp Pendleton mission or its tenant commands. The staff assists on Base strategic land use planning.

The office works with local, state and federal officials to coordinate planning of mutual interest issues within Southern California. When necessary, the CP&LO staff provides information to local community authorities and regional planning agencies about Camp Pendleton land use and its training mission.

CP&LO coordinates the assignment of Camp Pendleton officials to serve as liaisons with local chambers of commerce, school boards and other community organizations. These assignments assist in enhancing communication with many off-base activities and organizations.

The CP&LO also oversees the School Liaison Office (SLO), which coordinates education support services to maximize opportunities for academic success for transitioning military children/youth.  The School Liaison (SL) program fosters and promotes quality education for military children by working directly with the command, families, school districts, and local communities, and by providing referral services to family support agencies aboard MCB Camp Pendleton and in the local community.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton