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 •  Director – (760) 763-7534    •  Range Maintenance Manager – (760) 763-7490 
 •  Deputy Director – (760) 725-5007    •  Range Maintenance Specialist – (760) 763-7483
 •  Supervisor Range Planner - (760) 725-6106    •  Range Maintenance Shop Supervisor - (760) 763-7491
 •  Administrative Assistant -  (760) 725-4254    •  Northern Area Zone Manager – (760) 763-7491
 •  Range Project Engineer – (760) 763-7866    •  Central Area Zone Manager – (760) 763-7491
 •  Regional Range Planner – (760) 763-7803    •  Eastern Area Zone Manager – (760) 763-7491
 •  Range Planner Environmental – (760) 725-6010    •  Western Area Zone Manager – (760) 763-7491
 •  Northern Area Range Planner – (760) 763-7864    •  Range Maintenance Help Desk – (760) 725-4852
 •  Western Area Range Planner – (760) 725-3329    
 •  Central Area Range Planner – (760) 763-7867    
 •  Eastern Area Range Planner – (760) 763-7863    


Building 220105T
United States Marine Corps
Range and Training Area Management
P O Box 555021
Camp Pendleton CA 92055-5021



Develops plans and policies for the management and development of MCI West Installations Training resources.

Assesses training resource requirements of the operating forces, tenant command, formal schools, the USMCT, and other USMC users.  Applies available, as well as anticipated resources to clearly defined and validated requirements.

Monitors and provides technical operational advice to all aspects of training-related projects from conception to completion.


Range and Training Area Management Division (RTAMD)  

RTAMD provides installation and regional range management functions and is also the MCPC 630504 Manager both the installation and region.  RTAMD develops, programs, implements, and manages regional and installation level range complex management plans in order to provide a system of modernized, capable, and sustained ranges and training areas.  Regional range capabilities include transitory access for ground and aviation units between U.S. Marine Corps and other DOD/State Guard installations, as well as from the off-shore area, in order to support operating forces readiness requirements and the military mission footprint. Installation ranges and training areas will provide adequate, robust, and maintained training infrastructure and systems, supporting the Operating Forces, formal schools, and tenant commands ' current and future requirements, pre-deployment training, and programs of instruction.  Regional and installation range and training area capabilities are inclusive of ground and air capabilities, and are integrated with Department of Defense maritime capabilities.  RTAMD's responsibilities include the following:

1.  Develops mid and long-range planning, program management, and execution of plans for ranges and training area capabilities, Operational Range Clearance as well as provide advice, assistance and subject matter expertise to subordinate and adjacent installations for the same.  This also includes off-installation areas throughout the regional area of operations in support of I MEF.

2.  Assess training resource requirements of the Operating Forces, tenant commands, formal schools, and all United States Marine Corps (USMC) users, and apply resources to defined and validated requirements.  Provide planning and requirement definition for Training Area (TA) MILCON; FSRM; and PMC training systems

3.  Develop Range and Training Area POM submissions and Integrated and Unfunded Priority Lists as well as Ground Range Sustainment Program, Operational Range Clearance program, and Range Training System requirements for submission to functional range program offices(MCCDC

4.  Represents MCIWEST as a voting member at the Ground Range Sustainment Program board, Range Training Systems Board, and the Operational Range Clearance Board.

5.  Provide range, training area facility and training systems maintenance, modernization, and sustainment.  The manager of Range Maintenance has oversight on all aspects of maintenance to ranges, training areas, and assets, including Military Operations in Urban Terrain and Infantry Immersion Trainers.

6.  Provide primary staff input, from a range capability perspective, to thwart the effects of internal and external encroachment and its negative effect on training aboard and in the vicinity of the installation as well as I MEF’s military mission footprint between installations and the off-shore areas to the installations.

7.  Provide staff leadership of the Regional and Installation Range Working Groups for the AC/S G-3/5.

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