Range 131 - MOUT

Training Support Platoon (TSP), or “Landlords” are located in Bldg 430316 and provide oversight for Ranges 131, 132 and 133 MOUT Complex and the Kilo-two Combat Town. Range/MOUT Land Lords provide operational forces with information such as the regulations governing the range, the capabilities and limitations of the range, and the types of targets and simulators as well as their limitations in respect to the MOUT facility or range.
For scheduling of ranges and MOUT facilities you must contact Range Operations Division (ROD)/Range Scheduling Section or request scheduling/use through the Range Facility Management Support System.

On-site support for:
Range 131
Phone: 760-725-0887
Kilo-2 Combat Town
Phone: (760) 815-1622

Landlord Responsibilities:
The Marines from Training Support Platoon are responsible for the property management in support of the above listed ranges and range complexes.

These Marines check the using unit in on the ranges listed above, liaison with COMS support contractor (as required) to facilitate training, and inspect the range upon completion of training. These Marines are Range Safety Officer (RSO) qualified; however, they do not have Range Safety Specialist authority (as that authority is retained within ROD) and therefore must call LONGRIFLE to report user range regulation violations. Additionally, the Range “Landlords” serve as “eyes” for the COMS Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) relative to the COMS Contractor performance on the above listed ranges.

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