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Services & Hours

We do NOT provide legal advice over the phone. We cannot provide legal services without proper military identification. Those eligible for our services are limited to Active Duty and Retired Marines with ID card, and their dependents with ID card. Reservist service members are not eligible for our services unless they are serving on active duty orders for 30 days or longer (with some additional exceptions); Please bring a copy of your orders with you. DoD civilians are not eligible for our services (with some exceptions).

Bring all documentation relating to your case with you. If you do not have the necessary documents on hand, an attorney may not be able to provide advice to you.

22 Area Appointment Hours (Bldg. 22161)
Walk in hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0730; Wednesdays at 1230.

The number of clients our office can see will vary based on number of attorneys available and on hand.

Parties considering marital dissolution or legal separation can attend the online dissolution/legal separation brief held on Tuesday and Thursday at 0745 using Zoom (  We have suspended the classroom dissolution brief until further notice.  Parties interested in attending the online brief must email Mr. Tracey Clark ( requesting the meeting (brief) invitation no later than 4 pm the day before the requested brief.  Mr. Clark will send the meeting invitation email before 6 pm the day before the requested brief.  Users have reported not being able to access on the military government networks, so you should attempt to access the site and brief on a non-government network.  

After you register for the brief, your registration confirmation email will contain the information needed to join the meeting.  All participants will be placed in a waiting room until the Host admits them to the meeting.  Each participant must request a meeting invitation and register for the meeting.  Do not share the meeting invitation because only participants invited to the meeting by the Host will be allowed to enter the meeting.

The Legal Assistance office offers Estate Planning (wills and powers of attorney) classes followed by consultation with an attorney for those who want estate planning documents prepared by our office. Estate Planning (wills) classes do not require an appointment to attend, they are walk-in only, and they begin at 0745 and end at 0830 on Mondays and Fridays.

Estate Planning (wills and powers of attorney) classes are only offered in the 22 Area office (Bldg. 22161) on Monday and Friday mornings at 0745 and end at 0830 

Immigration​ Services

Effective July 15, 2020 we’re taking only first twelve (12) people per brief. NO exceptions. No registration necessary.
We offer two briefs;
WHEN: Every Wednesday (Doors open at 0730, 7:30 AM).
WHAT: Naturalization & Citizenship.
WHO: FIRST 12 PEOPLE (NO exceptions). 
REQUIREMENTS: ID card, Current green card (Blue US passport for American Samoa citizens, I-94 for Micronesia citizens).
DURATION: 1.5 hrs. (Could be longer depending on the audience).
*Family members - Due to COVID-19 only the applicant may attend.
WHAT TO BRING: Something to write with & your green card.
Your Col’s/Navy Capt.’s POC info (per MARADMIN 385/18 & 329/20 & USCIS Req.)

WHAT: Immigration Applications/Petitions
WHEN: Every Wednesday.
BRIEF STARTS AT: 0930 9:30 AM.
WHICH: Green Cards- Spouses & Children living in the US on a Visa (B1/2, K1, J, F, H, Approved PIP or on TPS (not DACA, or Work Permit/Employment Authorization Document). The US citizen sponsor and nonresident MUST be present (NO Exceptions).
- Immediate Relation - Spouses & Children outside the US
- Fiancée - Fiancée must be living outside the US
- Removal of Condition I-751, (Must be at least 130 days from green card expiring for us to filed/assist, less than 90 days you to file directly)
- Military Parole in Place for spouses, (PIP for spouses, the US citizen sponsor AND nonresident MUST be present (No exceptions)
- Information for Immigrating Parents - You must be 21 years old
WHO: FIRST 12 PEOPLE No children, (NO Exceptions).
CLASS DURATION: 2.5 hrs. (Could be longer depending on the audience).
WHAT TO BRING: Something to write with.

53 Area Appointment Hours (Bldg. 53505)
There will be no walk-ins held at the 53 area office until further notice.

Matters Handled During Appointments
Consumer Law Issues (credit card debt, identity theft, car loans,
foreclosures, car contracts, etc.)
Probate matters (e.g., Guardianship, Conservatorship)
Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Review of Contracts (e.g., to purchase a car)
Non-Support Issues
Family Law Issues (e.g., Dissolutions (divorce), Adoptions, Guardianships,
child custody, support, and name changes)


Services Not Provided by Legal Assistance
Personal Business Interests
Living Trusts
Claims against the government
BCNR Petitions
Fitness Report Rebuttals
Court-Martial or NJP Counseling
Traffic Violations
DUI/DWI Counseling
Criminal Matters or Bankruptcy

Powers of Attorney and Notary Public
22 Area office Legal Assistance offers Powers of Attorney and notary services in our 22 Area office (Bldg. 22161) on Mondays - Thursdays from 0730 - 1130, and 1230 - 1500, and on Fridays from 0730 - 1130

Traveling Legal Briefs
Preventive Law Briefs, Wills and Power of Attorney Briefs, and Pre-deployment Briefs may be scheduled by units for classes of 75+ attendees. Units deploying, please contact our Legal Assistance Office to Schedule Company or Battalion size briefs at least 3 months prior to deploying so that we have enough time to meet your unit's request. We do not provide Law of War or Rules of Engagement Briefs - please contact the Camp Pendleton Civil Law Office or your Staff Judge Advocate to schedule those briefs."

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