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Traffic Safety Program MCO 5100.29C Volume 3



Traffic Safety’s goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of our Marines, civilians, and their families by developing and implementing a comprehensive traffic safety program. We are dedicated to reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the roadways through education, training, and proactive measures.


What you need to know:

1. Traffic Safety provides oversight and recommendations on road hazards, signage, traffic control, and pedestrian and vehicle safety. Coordinates with installation officials to resolve traffic safety problems.

2. Marine Corps Installation traffic laws include the state laws in which the installation is located to the maximum extent practical.

3. All operators of street-legal motorcycles, three-wheeled motorcycles, and auto-cycles will comply with state licensing, registration, and insurance requirements as well as installation training requirements.

4. All children will use a child safety seat approved by the Department of Transportation while riding in a motor vehicle on the Marine Corps Installation.

5. Traffic Safety provides traffic safety and motorcycle training and education to installation units and personnel.


Commanders are responsible for establishing and maintaining a Motorcycle Mentorship Program (MMP)

For any and help with this please contact the Installation Traffic Safety Program Manager Blaine Bromwell at 760-763-5070 or the Traffic Safety Specialist Kevin Shotas at 760-763-2227