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The brig supports the Commanding Officer, MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA. by confining military members from all branches of the armed service on board MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA. Also all military commanders located west of the Mississippi, including Pacific military installations are authorized to confine personnel accused of a crime serious enough to warrant pre-trial confinement or those already convicted by a Court-Martial.

Established in 1972, the Brig has a rated capacity of 97. Custody classification of prisoners covers all custody classes from minimum to maximum-security requirements. With a staff of approximately 83 Marines and 3 civilians, the Brig is nearly self-supportive in its mission to the Commanding General. Operating 24 hours a day, this facility maintains itself in areas such as laundry, minor structural repair, and most importantly security. The security personnel are trained continuously in all areas of corrections, ensuring professionalism and consistency.

The philosophy of Naval Corrections is based on the recognition of the fact that, whether it is confinement or in some other form, punishment alone is seldom corrective. Confinement is punishment because it denies members their liberty and separates them from family, friends and most normal activities. It means loss of status and disapproval of the individual offender by the military society. Confinement sharply limits the confinee's privileges, freedom of action, and opportunities for personal satisfaction. Therefore the member is confined as punishment and not for punishment.

Ref: SECNAV 1640.9C (Chapter 7): The purpose of confinement. An individual is sentenced to confinement as punishment and as a deterrent to other individuals. The sentence to confinement expresses the retribution demanded by the society that the individual offended and removes offenders from society for a specified period. The confinement period shall be oriented towards the rehabilitation of the confinee. Personnel being confined at Marine Corps Base Brig, Camp Pendleton are required to have the following items in their possession...

- Legal Documents, to include.
- Original Confinement Order (Branch Specific Forms are Accepted)
- Original Results of Trial (If Adjudged)
- Medical Certificate (Pre-Confinement Physical, signed by a Medical Officer, must be completed within 24 hours prior to confinement)
- Letter of Deferment, Request for Deferment (If Sentence Deferred by Convening Authority)
- Transfer Order / Prisoner Receipt (If Transferred from Another Facility)
- All Items on Gear Inventory Sheet.


TEL: 760-725-8567

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton