The Camp Pendleton Base Brig is a Level-2 confinement facility which serves as a place of confinement for male pre-trial prisoners and post-trial prisoners serving sentences of up to ten years. The Base Brig ensures the safety, security, good order, and discipline of all prisoners, and provides correctional programs which include: work, incentives, life skills, religious programming, drug and alcohol treatment, stress and anger management, vocational training, sex offender treatment, and violent offender treatment. Staff support the overarching correctional mission of rehabilitation with the premise of prisoners being confined as punishment and not for punishment. Staff members' professional performance of their correctional duties can provide the environment in which prisoners can more readily see and incorporate responsibility into their own lives.



Established in 1972, the Brig has a rated capacity of 97. Custody classification of prisoners covers all custody classes from minimum to maximum-security requirements. With a staff of approximately 83 Marines and 2 civilians, the Brig is nearly self-supportive in its mission to the

Commanding General. Operating 24 hours a day, this facility maintains itself in areas such as laundry, minor structural repair, and most importantly security. The security personnel are trained continuously in all areas of corrections, ensuring professionalism and consistency.



The philosophy of naval corrections is based on recognition of the fact that, whether it is confinement or in some other form, punishment, alone, is seldom corrective. Confinement is punishment because it denies members their liberty and separates them from their families, friends, and most normal activities. Confinement sharply limits prisoners' privileges, freedom of action, and opportunities for personal satisfaction.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton