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Battalion Chaplain
Roy L. Fondren Jr., LT/CHC
Office: 760-763-4868
Cell: 760-846-1828

On order, Security and Emergency Services Battalion, through a Religious Ministry Team, will provide competent religious ministry support and compassionate care within the Battalion’s battle space in order to instill good character, strengthen spiritual fitness, increase personal resilience, and enhance mission readiness.

Ministry & Support
Contextual Care                                                                       Chapel Services
Pastoral Counsel & Prayer                                                       Marriage and Personal Enrichment
Passionate Presence                                                               Training & Workshops
Religious Needs & Accommodations                                       Community Religious Ministries

Core Capabilities
Care for personnel and families of SES Battalion.
Provide faith-specific ministry.
Facilitate religious requirements.
Advise leaders at every level.
Confidential counsel and support.

AFTER-HOURS – Staff Duty Chaplain – 760-725-5061
When the Battalion Chaplain is unavailable, the Staff Duty Chaplain may be contacted through the MCI-West MCB Camp Pendleton CDO, Building 1160, after 1630 during the week, and 24 hours on weekends/holidays.

“As America’s force in readiness, we must be prepared to answer our Nations call on a moment's notice. A large part of that ability is our capacity for resilience. Regardless of the battle we just fought, we must be ready for our next success. Research indicates that spiritual fitness plays a key role in resiliency, in our ability to grow, develop, recover, heal, and adapt. Regardless of individual philosophy or beliefs, spiritual well-being makes us better warriors and people of character capable of making good choices on and off duty.”

General Robert B. Neller
37th Commandant of the Marine Corps

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