Security Emergency Services Battalion
MCB Camp Pendleton


Fire Prevention Branch is led by the Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention (Fire Marshall) and employs seven (7) Fire Inspectors whose mission is to provide the highest quality fire prevention program within the Marine Corps Fire Service. Success is measured by program integration within each tenant command and the population we serve. This is accomplished through vigorous and effective code enforcement & Fire/life safety inspections, a year around hands-on public education initiative, as well as detailed and engaged fire engineering and fire protection design analysis of new and existing construction.



Develop a tiered code enforcement inspection cycle frequency, based on OVAP scores and

occupancy type for the entire Installation.

Continue providing plans review and design analysis for all new construction aboard the base. Attend all planning meetings to ensure fire protection measures are met.

Implement a year around public education program that uses risk data to drive educational content as well as provide additional warden training to tenant commands upon request.

Provide area commanders with timely risk data for all 21 areas aboard the Installation. Each commander is provided a snap-shot of analyzed data that drives enfacement and educational initiatives.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton