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Active-duty Marine Corps personnel stationed at Camp Pendleton who purchase or own a motorcycle, will personally report their ownership to their Commanding Officer within 48 hours of acquiring a new motorcycle or when checking in to a tenant unit aboard this base. Further, Marines will be required to register their motorcycle aboard this base within 5 working days, regardless of the intent to ride their motorcycle on or off base.

All motorcycle operators must possess a valid motorcycle license or Motorcycle Operators permit of any State. Motorcyclists must also provide proof of insurance and a valid state registration or title transfer document and permanent license plate. To obtain a permanent DoD decal, present your BRC card and proof of insurance and registration to JRC Bldg 130132.



Persons operating or riding as passenger on Camp Pendleton are required to use the following PPE: a helmet (SNELL, ANSI, or DOT standard), shatter resistant goggles or full-face shield attached to helmet, sturdy over-the-ankle shoes (motorcycle riding boots are strongly encouraged), and long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long trousers, and full-fingered gloves or mittens designed for use on motorcycle (materials such as leather, Kevlar, or Cordura are strongly encouraged). Additionally, Naval Weapons Station requires riders to wear bright colored upper garment and a reflective upper garment at night time and a SNELL approved helmet.
The Basic Riders Course (BRC) is mandatory for all Active Duty Marines intending to obtain a Camp Pendleton DoD decal for their motorcycle. The Base Safety Center offers a three day BRC at no cost to Marines and DoD employees. All active-duty and reserve military as well as DoD employees are welcome to attend the class. To sign up for the class contact your unit S-3 training section at (760)725-0101.

Riders assigned to Camp Pendleton are required to attend the Experience Riders Course (ERC) within 120 days of attending the BRC. In addition a refresher course on ERC, ARC S/T, Seasoned Rider or MSRC is required every 3 years.
The Motorcycle Mentorship Program (MMP) is a series of courses that military motorcycle riders are required to take to ride their bikes on and off base. The course is mandatory for both new and veteran motorcyclists. (U.S. Marine Corps Video by LCpl Francisco J. Diaz Jr.)
MMP is a dedicated motorcycle training program to preserve lives, increase experience, and avoid the motorcyle mishaps.
Get involved in the MMP and participate in riding events, rider courses, and motorcycle safety awareness! Security BN Camp Pendleton Marines with a motorcycle license, own a motorcycle or plan on buying a motorcycle are required to contact the MMP President. To contact the Security BN Camp Pendleton MMP President, contact CWO5 Hawthorne at (760) 725-8554.
Learn Proper Techniques. Improve Motorcycle Safety. Comply with Base Regulations.

Call the Base Safety Center at (760) 725-2897 for more motorcycle safety information.
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