Security Emergency Services Battalion
MCB Camp Pendleton

Operations Conducted by the

Provost Marshal's Office

During the Fall months, PMO will solicit for small/medium stuffed animals from the Base occupants. These new "stuffed animals" will be placed in PMO Police Cars, and whenever a child is present in an emergency or stressful situation, a stuffed animal is handed out to ease the traumatic experience.

Operation Broom
Base Reign Over Our Munchkins is dedicated for Halloween Night during On-Base "Trick or Treat" hours. PMO personnel and Base volunteers will conduct walking beats in all the Base Housing Areas during those hours, as authorized by the Base Commander.

Radar Operation
Unannounced placements of a stationary patrol/radar unit in an area aboard the Base, at which speeders are identified as a problem.

Base Decal Inspection Checkpoint
Unannounced checkpoints established to inspect all vehicles for Base Registration. These are done monthly/bi-monthly.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Checkpoints
Unannounced checkpoints to screen all drivers for alcohol consumption. These checkpoints are conducted during holiday periods, but can be done upon direction at any time.

Operation Tag & Hook
Base-wide sweeps for tagging "abandoned" vehicles and subsequent towing, if discrepancies are not addressed. Conducted annually Base-wide, or as requested on a smaller scale.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton