Security Emergency Services Battalion
MCB Camp Pendleton

Physical Security/Crime Prevention
Office Hours: M-F 0830-1530
IDS PIN/Del Mar Turnstile Issuance Hours: M-F 0830-1400
**OFFICE CLOSURE: Last FRIDAY of every month**
Phone Number: (760) 725-9454


Physical Security provides the following support for commands aboard the installation:

Physical Security Surveys

Crime Prevention Surveys

Lost, found, and abandoned property

Marine Corps Electronic Security Systems

Physical Security Surveys

Per MCO 5530.14A, commanders must identify, in writing, all designated restricted areas within their respective commands and provide the information, in writing, to the Provost Marshal annually by 30 November.  Additionally, all restricted areas are required to have a Physical Security Survey conducted annually by the PMO Physical Security Office.

**Request via email at: w/ ‘Physical Security Survey requested for Bldg XXXXXX’ in subject header**



Crime Prevention Surveys

Crime Prevention Surveys are conducted to identify nature, extent, and underlying causes of criminal activity, or conditions conducive to criminal activity within an area or a specific facility.  Crime Prevention Surveys are not required but provide a commander an analysis of conditions indicating the presence of, or potential for criminal conduct. Crime Prevention Surveys may be conducted on:

Bachelor Enlisted/Officer Quarters

Government facilities that maintain negotiable instruments (checks, cash, etc.)

Tenant organizations such as banks, credit unions, etc.

Facilities requested by unit commanders, at the discretion of the Provost Marshal

**Request via email at: w/ ‘Crime Prevention Survey requested for Bldg XXXXXX in subject header**



Crime Prevention Briefs

The Provost Marshal Office provides crime prevention briefs to units, which can be disseminated within the unit, as necessary. This brief contains information regarding Operation Slow Down, crime statistics and resources.

*Request via email at: w/ ‘Crime Prevention Brief’ in subject header*


Lost & Found Items

The Crime Prevention section with the Provost Marshal Office accepts found property for proper handling and final disposition.

Please view the link listed below and/or contact us at (760) 725-9454 regarding items within our possession.


 TitleModified Date 
Lost and Found Inventory 4 Aug8/4/2023Download