Security Emergency Services Battalion
MCB Camp Pendleton



Military Working Dogs (MWD)

The Military Working Dog Section can provide detection dog support for Command Health & Comfort Inspections. Requests for support can be directly coordinated with the MWD Section via email at: or by phone (760) 763-7651

**Requests for support should be submitted at least 2-weeks in advance to ensure availability.**

Crime Prevention/Physical Security

Physical Security provides the following support for commands aboard the installation:

Physical Security Surveys

Crime Prevention Surveys

Lost, found, and abandoned property

Marine Corps Electronic Security Systems


Physical Security Surveys – Per MCO 5530.14A, commanders must identify, in writing, all designated restricted areas within their respective commands and provide the information, in writing, to the Provost Marshal annually by 30 November.  Additionally, all restricted areas are required to have a Physical Security Survey conducted annually by the PMO Physical Security Office.


Crime Prevention Surveys – Crime Prevention Surveys are conducted to identify nature, extent, and underlying causes of criminal activity, or conditions conducive to criminal activity within an area or a specific facility.  Crime Prevention Surveys are not required but provide a commander an analysis of conditions indicating the presence of, or potential for criminal conduct. Crime Prevention Surveys may be conducted on:

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Bachelor Officer Quarters

Government facilities that maintain negotiable instruments (checks, cash, etc.)

Facilities requested by unit commanders, at the discretion of the Provost Marshal

Tenant organizations such as banks, credit unions, etc.


Traffic Division

The Traffic Division of the Provost Marshal’s Office investigates all vehicle accidents aboard Camp Pendleton involving injury, government vehicle and property damage, in accordance with Marine Corps Orders.

Abandoned Vehicles:

Once an abandoned vehicle has been identified by the Provost Marshal’s Office, a 72-hour Tow Tag is placed on the vehicle, starting the tow process. 

Illegally Parked Vehicles:

Vehicles that are illegally parked, parked in fire lanes, or illegally parked in handicap stalls are not considered abandoned and the Provost Marshal’s Office Dispatch Center should be notified for appropriate action. 

Impound Section:

The Impound Section processes the 72-hour tow tag and attempts to contact the owner of the vehicle.  After unsuccessful attempts, and the 72 hours expire, the vehicle may be removed by an off-base tow company. 

Hazardous Waste:

Vehicles which are considered hazardous waste (fluids spilling/leaking in excess of 5 gallons), registration expired 6 months or more, or other infractions covered under California Vehicle Code 22651 may be removed from the roadway immediately.

Unit Tow Representatives:

Each area and/or command can designate (in writing by the Bn CO) representatives to assist in identifying possible abandoned vehicles.  These representatives must attend a towing procedures class given by the Traffic Division. 

Traffic Division: (760) 725-5927/5928


Towing Section
Coordinates and documents towing of all vehicles aboard Camp Pendleton. To report abandoned vehicles or for inquiries regarding towed vehicles call (760) 725-5991


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton