Security Emergency Services Battalion
MCB Camp Pendleton

Traffic Court and Traffic Citations
(760) 725-0819

NOTE:  Per CG MCIWEST-MCB CAMPEN Policy Letter 5-19, violators in enlisted paygrades E-5 and below will be accompanied at Traffic Court Hearings by a staff noncommissioned officer (E-6 or above) in the Service Members chain of command.  

SNCOs and officers will be accompanied at Traffic Court Hearings by the first officer in their chain of command.

Q. What do I need to do to plead guilty to a Traffic Citation?
A. You can call (760) 725-0819 or visit the Police Records section in Bldg. 1523 for guidance.
Q. What kind of tickets can I plead guilty to over the phone?
A. This depends on your individual driving history, but generally, tickets which are not assigned a mandatory court date, such as:

1.  Speeding tickets that are 10 or fewer mph over the speed limit.
2.  Failure to use your turn signal.
3.  Failure to stop at a traffic light or stop sign without the result of an accident.

Q. What kind of tickets can I not plead guilty to over the phone?
A. Tickets which are assigned a mandatory court date, such as:

1.  DUI or DUI Refusal.
2.  Speeding over 11 or more mph over the speed limit.
3.  Fix-it tickets that require proof of documentation (i.e.; driver’s license, insurance, state/base registration, defective equipment, required safety equipment).
4.  Seatbelt violations, reckless driving, cellular phone use, improper motorcycle PPE, parking in a handicapped space, etc.

See CG POLICY LETTER 5-19 for more information.

Q. Where is Traffic Court Located?

A. Traffic Court is held in Bldg. 22161. Check-in starts at 0715 and Traffic Court will start at 0800.  Active Duty and Reservist will report in MARPAT or the uniform of the day prescribed by their unit. Civilians must wear appropriate civilian attire.

Q. Can I change my court date because I am going on leave?
A. Yes. To change a court date, please call Police records at (760) 725-0819.

Q. What happens if I chose not to go to court or call in a guilty plea?
A. Violations with Mandatory and Optional court appearances are listed in CG POLICY LETTER 5-19.  When you are given a traffic citation, the citation will either be marked as a Warning or have a Traffic Court date assigned.  If it is a Warning, no further action is required.  If a Court Date is assigned and you wish to plead guilty, call Police Records at (760) 725-0819.  If you fail to appear for a court date or do not call in a guilty plea, your failure to appear will constitute a waiver of the right to appear before the Base Magistrate and the Base Magistrate will resolve the matter on the basis of the available evidence in your absence. Suspension or points will be automatically assessed based on the offense.  Notifications of the Results of Traffic Court are sent to Command representatives.   

Q. I have been suspended from driving on base, can I let a friend drive my car?
A. No. Once you have been suspended from driving on base, your vehicle may not be driven by anyone unless it is your spouse and the vehicle gets registered on base by your spouse.

Q. I received a ticket today. Can I go ahead and plead guilty?
A. Yes. It takes a few days for us to receive the original of your ticket, so you will have to bring your copy of the ticket to the Police Records section in Bldg. 1523.

Q. Can I bring my children to traffic court?
A. No.

Q. Can I plead guilty or go to court for my spouse?
A. No. Whoever received the ticket must appear in court or plead guilty.

Q. I am a Family Member. Do I have to bring my sponsor to traffic court?
A. No.

Q. Does a ticket on base go on my state driving record?
A. No.

Q. How does the Points System work?
A. Each violation is assessed a certain amount of points. You are permitted to accumulate 9 points in a 12-month period of time or 12 points in a 24-month period of time before you will be suspended from driving on base. Your driving privileges will also be suspended for 12 months if you accumulate five or more non-moving violations within 12 months or three or more violations of the same type within six months.

Q. If I get suspended on Camp Pendleton, can I drive out in town or on other military installations?
A. You may drive out in town unless you are notified by your state licensing authority. You may not drive on any other military installations. Revocations resulting in a suspension of six months or more are reported to the driver’s state licensing agency. It is up to the individual state licensing agency to act upon or disregard this notification.

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