OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95  – Occupational Noise Exposure

OSHA Resource Page  – Occupational Noise Exposure

NAVMC 5100.8 Chapter 13 (13005)  – Marine Corps Hearing Protection

MCO 6260.3  – Marine Corps Hearing Conservation Program

MARADMIN  010/12  – MARADMIN Regarding Hearing Conservation and Readiness

What you need to know
1) All military shall be enrolled in their unit’s hearing conservation program.

2) All civilian personnel working in noise hazardous areas are enrolled in the hearing conservation program.

3) Personnel included in the hearing conservation program receive a hearing test, Hearing Protective Device (HPD) fitting, and refresher training during their annual medical evaluation.


4) Contact the Industrial Hygienist to identify and test potential “High Noise” areas. Use Hazardous Noise Warning Decals, NAVMED 6260/2, NSN 0105-GLF-004-7200 (8" X 10.5") and Hazardous Noise Warning Labels, NAVMED 6260/2A, NSN 0105-LF-004-7800 (1" X 1.5") to designate hazardous noise areas and equipment


5) Ensure all personnel that enter or work in designated hazardous noise areas receive training under the Hearing Conservation Program requirements of MCO 6260.1E.


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