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Prisoners who will return to their parent command upon release from confinement continue to be the responsibility of that command and are subject to command visits. Command visits are designed to retain identity with the parent command and to reinforce the identity of the prisoner’s chain of command. Command visits will be conducted no less than once every 2 weeks (bi-weekly).  This visit must be made by a representative of the parent command (E6 or higher with the authority to act on the CO's behalf). When the prisoner’s command is on extended deployment, it is the responsibility of the immediate superior in command to continue to provide for command visits. It is improper to delegate command visits unless the confining command is at sea or is remotely situated. For remotely situated commands (i.e., over a 50 mile radius), the prisoner’s chain of command will designate command visit intervals, but must ensure telephone or video teleconference interviews with prisoners or the prisoner’s correctional counselors, case managers, or Service liaison. Remote command visits will be documented and provided to the MCF by e-mail.

Chaplains must not serve as the CO's representative to visit prisoners. A chaplain's role in the rehabilitative process, including the visiting of prisoners, has a value distinct from that of being a command representative.



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