Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays 1300-1500



1. Ensure that vehicles are parked in the visitors’ parking spaces that are provided.

2. All visitors are required to sign in and out in the visitors log as directed by the Quarter Deck Sentry. All visitors must have a picture ID.

3. You must be on the Prisoners visitation roster in order to visit.

4. All visitors must consent to an electronic search. Persons refusing an electronic search will be denied access to the facility.

5. All active duty military (Sgt's and below) must have written approval from their Battalion/Squadron Commanders prior to being authorized visitation. This form is available from the Brig Administrative Officer during normal working hours.

6. Married prisoners are not allowed visitation by members of the opposite sex unless the visitor is a relative or is accompanied by the prisoner's spouse.

7. Visitors under 18 years of age are not authorized to visit the prisoner unless their parents, legal guardian or the prisoner’s parents accompany them.

8. All attire must be in good taste and be in accordance with the standards set forth in current Camp Pendleton Base regulations. The DBS may disapprove or terminate a visit by reason of improper attire or the spirit in which this regulation is intended. The standards for wear of civilian attire are summarized as follows:

- Clothing should be clean, well maintained and properly fitted. No clothing that is torn, ragged, or dirty will be allowed.

- Clothing should be worn in the manner intended by it's designer (e.g., buttoned, belted, or zipped, tucked or fastened). Undergarments are not authorized to be worn as outer garments.

- No jogging, warm-up suits, or PT gear may be worn.

- Clothing with printing, insignia, or pictures which are obscene, gestures or profanity, or suggestive in nature, or which promote the illegal use of drugs may not be worn.

- Clothing which depicts derogatory social, religious, racial, or ethnic beliefs are also considered inappropriate and may not be worn.

- Clothing which has been altered in fit to appear either excessively brief, tight, or revealing may not be worn.

- Clothing such as cut-off shorts, shower shoes, flip-flops, tank tops, or swimwear will not be allowed. No bare feet.

- Clothing and accessories which are intended to present a paramilitary appearance or to serve as weapons will not be allowed.

9. Do not accept from or give anything directly to a Prisoner. All items for prisoners must be turned over to the Quarter Deck Sentry prior to the visit.

10. No personal items (i.e. purses, diapers, baby seats, books, packages, or loose money) will be brought to the visiting area. Personal affects will be secured in vehicles or a locker that is provided. Exceptions:

- 1 small toy per child

- 1 baby bottle (no glass)

11. Children must be kept under control. Diapers will be changed in bathrooms. Excessive noise and/or bad behavior will cause visits to be terminated.

12. A brief embrace is authorized when meeting and departing from your visit. Holding hands is authorized although you must keep your hands in plain view of Security personnel at all times.

13. No mail or correspondence of any type will be brought in for a prisoner. These items must be sent through the mail.

14. Visits will be disallowed if the visitors are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

15. Due to space constraints, the maximum number of visitors allowed per prisoner may be limited at the Duty Brig Supervisors discretion.

16. Conflicts with a listed rule will be resolved by the Duty Brig Supervisor. The Duty Brig Supervisor is the direct representative of the Commanding Officer and will be the final authority on all matters relating to weekend visitation.

No one shall be present in the Brig area after visitation hours. After visiting hours, depart the Brig promptly. No photographic equipment or walking around the Brig is authorized.

TEL: 760-725-8567

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton