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Submitting New Projects
1. Any projects dealing with either a new capability or request to change existing on a range or training area, must be routed and approved by the units S-3.  If the project is to an existing building or area not in a training area, it must be approved by the area commander and the battalion S-4.

2. All project submissions must have a detailed description and at least two drawings or pictures of what the requesting unit is wanting prior to everything being submitted.

3. A cover sheet, Submission Project sheet and all other project related paperwork can be sent by e-mail to Mr. Larry Newberry, email:

Submission Process
1. Once the request is sent to Mr. Newberry it is reviewed, and then assigned to the appropriate Range Planner or Range Maintenance Manager for action.  You will be contacted to confirm receipt of the project and to establish follow on communications about the project.

2. The project will be developed and go through internal routing and vetting to ensure it meets range safety requirements and supports the installations training mission.  Once approved to move forward, the project will move forward to a more formal process of determining an acquisition strategy for execution.

3. This process could take from a week or more than a year depending on the level of effort and funding required to execute a project. This process includes environmental reviews/approvals, and site approval for the proposed project.

4. When Project Funding has been approved and monies have been allocated for the project, then it will move to the acquisition process.  If the project can be done by the use of military labor, then RTAMD will work with I MEF to solicit MIL LABOR support.  RTAMD also has organic range maintenance personnel that can also do the work depending on the level of complexity.

5. Once the project has been funded and awarded, it may take up to a year or two before the project is completed. Smaller projects could be completed faster than a year. The requested unit will be included as part of the Subject Matter Expertise (SME) team and invited to construction meetings.  Note: If it is a small project and your unit has been designated to do the work, all of the approval paperwork will be returned to you in order to complete the detailed planning prior to work commencing.

6. Upon completion of work a final walk through will be done with RTAMD and the requesting unit POC to ensure the completion and that it meets the requirements needed.


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