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Aviation Facilities

Many of the Camp Pendleton's numbered ranges have been designed for a specific purpose and should be utilized for that purpose only.

Any training scenarios, weapons or ammo not authorized per CAMPENO 3500.1 CH 1 (Range and Training Regulations) will require a waiver to be submitted 30 days prior to the event.

All information on this website should be used for planning purposes only. For the most current Range Regulations & Information, contact Range Scheduling at (760) 725-4219/3510 or via email at

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Waiver Example.

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CAL Site 019/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 029/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 039/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 049/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 059/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 079/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 089/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 099/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 109/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 139/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 149/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 159/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 169/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 179/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 189/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 199/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 209/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 219/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 229/27/2012UnknownDownload
CAL Site 239/27/2012UnknownDownload
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Helicopter Transit Routes9/28/2012UnknownDownload
 TitleModified DateSize 
Landing Zone 019/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 119/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 129/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 149/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 169/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 179/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 219/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 229/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 279/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 319/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 339/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 419/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 439/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 529/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 539/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 629/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 639/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone 649/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Blue Bird9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Buzzard9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Canary9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Cardinal9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Eagle9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Falcon9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Gnatcatcher9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Hawk9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Ostrich9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Pelican9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Peregrine9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Red Beach9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Robin9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Sparrow9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Starling9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Swallow9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Toucan9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Turkey9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Viewpoint9/28/2012UnknownDownload
Landing Zone Vulture9/28/2012UnknownDownload
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TERF Routes And Areas9/28/2012UnknownDownload
 TitleModified DateSize 
UAV_ACA Range 409A9/28/2012UnknownDownload
UAV_ACAs - Flores, Onofre, Horno & Mateo9/28/2012UnknownDownload
UAV_Letter Dtd 8 Jul 099/28/2012UnknownDownload
UAV_Operators Class - 20099/28/2012UnknownDownload
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