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Reference Desk

Training Support Reference Desk
Building 430316

Reference Desk Mission
The Reference Desk serves as the primary entry point for users to access TSD supported services. It supports all units on Camp Pendleton for approving and/or disapproving training for TSD training devices, while providing accurate scheduling of TSD training devices and contractor hours for ranges that fall under TSD.

Scheduling Services
The Reference Desk schedules selected training systems using the same scheduling and control system used by Range Operation Division to schedule live-fire ranges. The scheduling system, Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS), allows users to schedule TSD supported systems using internet web access. The Reference Desk helps guide units in how to utilize RFMSS for their own scheduling requirements. Units that do not have RFMSS access can still request scheduling support through the Reference Desk by submitting a Training Device Request form to the Reference Desk email or by Fax to (760) 763-7999. An approved schedule is forwarded to the individual training system operators for execution. 

Scheduling Considerations
Requests for training of a supported training system more than ninety (90) days out will not be approved without prior coordination with the Branch Manager.

Training Device Request Form

The following systems are currently scheduled by the Reference Desk:

• Minor Training Devices 725-6139
• Combat Convoy Simulator 725-4444/763-7403
• Dry Rollover Egress Trainers (DRET) 725-4444
• Operator Driving Simulator (ODS) 725-4444/760-442-1387
• Supporting Arms Virtual Trainer (SAVT) 725-4444/763-8311
• Underwater Egress Trainer (UET) 725-4444/760-207-3085

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