Training Support Platoon (TSP). TSP, or “Landlords” are located in Bldg 430316 and provide oversight for Ranges 131, 132 and 133 MOUT Complex; Kilo-two Combat Town; Ranges 215A, 218A, 223B, and 409A; the CCS, HEAT, MET, and the Base Training Center; and provide full spectrum support of the SAAB PITs. The live-fire ranges and training facilities not scheduled by the Reference Desk are scheduled by Range Operations Division (ROD) Range Scheduling Section.

Training Support Platoon Mission
(1) The Marines from Training Support Platoon are responsible for the property management in support of the above listed ranges, range complexes, and simulators.

(2) These Marines check the using unit in on the ranges listed above, liaison with COMS support contractor (as required) to facilitate training, and inspect the range upon completion of training. These Marines are Range Safety Officer (RSO) qualified; however, they do not have Range Safety Specialist authority (as that authority is retained within ROD) and therefore must call LONGRIFLE to report user range regulation violations. Additionally, the Range “Landlords” serve as “eyes” for the COMS Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) relative to the COMS Contractor performance on the above listed ranges and some of the simulators.

(3) TSP also provides full spectrum support to units requesting use of the SAAB PITs. They coordinate with the units during their planning phase IOT establish requirements relative to the number of targets required, the location of support, and the timeline of support. TSP transports, emplaces, operates, and returns the PITs for the units requesting support. Operations include writing scenarios, fault-checking equipment, and charging batteries.

TSP office Phone: (760) 725-0195
Duty cell phone: (760) 207-3085

On-site support for ranges
R215                  R409A                    PIT support
R218A                R131/132/133
R223B                K2 MOUT complex

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