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MCB Camp Pendleton
MCB Pendleton Seal

Security & Emergency Services Battalion


Camp Pendleton changes gate policy

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

PMO Support Services Division will require a mask or cloth face covering when social distancing of six feet or more cannot be maintained.


Provide law enforcement and security, fire protection, emergency medical response and temporary detention in support to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in order to protect life and property, promote quality of life and preserve good order and discipline.  On order, be prepared to conduct all hazards, multi-lateral, multi-discipline emergency response using National Incident Management principles in conjunction with other emergency management agencies.

  Functional elements

 Provost Marshal's Office            
 Perimeter Security    Law Enforcement   Brig Department    Fire Department 
• Access Control (Gates)
• Perimeter
• Patrol (Off road)
  • Interior Patrol
• Traffic Enforcement
• Military Working Dogs
• Special Reaction Section
• Investigations
• Physical Security
• Crime Prevention
• Community Relations
• Police Records
• Pass & ID
• Vehicle Registration
• Contractor Access
• Domestic Animal Control
• Visitor Center
   • Base Brig Facility   • Fire Protection
• Fire Prevention
• CBRNE/All Hazard Response


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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton