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What is an Environmental Compliance Coordinator?
Environmental Compliance Coordinators (ECC) are an integral part of the unit mission.  As the primary unit POC for environmental matters, ECCs help to ensure unit compliance with federal, state, and local regulations that govern, but not limited to, hazardous waste handling and disposal, air quality, water quality, and protected species and their habitats.  In addition, ECCs coordinate with the Environmental Security Department to ensure all environmental requirements at the unit are being sufficiently addressed. 

What is required for me to be an ECC at my unit?
Per MCO 5090.2, all unit Commanding Officers are required to appoint an ECC in writing.  ECCs must be of the rank of sergeant or above or civilian equivalent with sufficient authority to implement environmental requirements.  ECCs must complete the Hazardous Waste Handler 3-day course.  ECCs must attend the monthly ECC meeting which is held on the second Tuesday of each month from 1330 – 1430 in Building 2282.

What are the duties and responsibilities as an ECC?
MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENO 5090.5A lists ECC duties and responsibilities. Some requirements at the unit level include:

• Communicate installation environmental policies to the chain of command
• Ensure the unit chain of command is aware of its compliance status
• Ensure unit personnel comply with their environmental training requirements
• Verify hazardous waste is being handled properly within the unit
• Ensure unit-level spill response procedures are in place
• Conduct/participate in unit environmental inspections, audits, and evaluations

To find out more or if you have any questions, please contact the Environmental Training Section at (760) 725-9775 or email us at


Environmental compliance coordinators meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 1330-1430 at Building 2282.  G-3/4, S-3/4, Environmental Officers, and HAZMAT personnel are also welcome to attend.

Achieve the MOS requirements for MOS 8056, Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste (HM/HW) Officer (Capt. to 2ndLt) and (CWO3 to WO) or Staff Noncommissioned Officer/Noncommissioned Officer (MGySgt to LCpl) Download AMOS 8056 Enlisted or Officer that requires Battalion Commander signature.

Federal, state and local regulations compel compliance the Federal Facility Compliance Act(FFCA); costs of non-compliance outweigh temporary benefit (civil, criminal penalties, UCMJ, remediation).

MCO 5090.2 (Marine Corps Environmental Protection Program) Volume 5 provides Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program (CETEP) guidance. 


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